December 4th, 2017

Creating your own urban style

When you move into your new apartment at On Forbes, you will already love the quality of finishes and the views. An empty space to fill with furniture and belongings that add your unique stamp to a space is both a joy and a challenge. Will you style in neutral tones or with bold colour? Have you selected furniture that brings both style and practicality to your apartment, and where will you put the belongings you have lovingly gathered over the years?

Styling an urban apartment is actually easier than you think if you keep it simple and think in layers. Start with the basics – a sofa, bed, table and chairs are essential to a comfortable life, and neutral colours give you a great blank canvas on which to add colour and texture in the form of accessories and wall art. On Forbes’ stylish combination of white walls and mid wood tones, provides the perfect neutral backdrop, ready to be softened with textured upholstery in linen, felt or leather.

Once you have the basics, you can look at the lighting scheme. A well-placed pendant, table or floor lamp will not only cast a gentle glow, but will also provide opportunities for statements. For materials, reflecting the steel and black of your kitchen appliances or the wood of the floor is a good place to start, and you might want to introduce a wow factor in an oversized pendant. Occasional furniture will be next on the list. Entertainment units with plenty of storage, chests of drawers to hold all the items you don’t want on display and a chair in a corner for quiet time need to follow the main scheme, but give opportunity to push your colour and texture palette.

So far, so neutral. With all of the double-glazed floor to ceiling windows in your apartment, you will find a picturesque view wherever you look, but investing in one or two key art pieces will add individuality and flair to your space. Whether it’s a fine art print or an original by an up and coming local artist, a well-framed piece will bring style and perhaps a splash of colour to your space. And now you can go wild with the rest! Sequinned cushion? Pink flamingo? Tropical bedding set? Backlit 1920s drinks cabinet? All of these personal pieces will happily sit against your neutral backdrop, and if your tastes change, are the smaller ticket items that can be replaced with the seasons, while your neutral large pieces retain their classical elegance and comfort.

Don’t forget the greenery. With your expansive terrace, there is plenty of space to add a potted herb garden or shady plants, and bringing the green inside will improve the quality of your air and look attractive as well.

And then On Forbes will truly be your own little piece of living without compromise.