February 18th, 2018

Just off Northbourne

On Forbes offers an enviable lifestyle for those looking to enjoy the best Canberra has to offer.

Northbourne Avenue is often regarded as a main thoroughfare into the capital – but just off the main road, amongst the tall buildings and metro developments, there is a lifestyle full with all the satisfaction and kinship of a close-knit community.

Locals understand that living in the inner north means proximity to thriving Canberra life and the pursuits of passionate individuals. It is an easy and connected lifestyle, with opportunities to foster bonds and a rich sense of belonging.

Living at On Forbes you’ll relish in weekends at home when they look like this…

It’s Friday evening and the weekend has officially begun. Walking back home from work along buzzing Lonsdale Street you notice that Barrio is open for an understated evening of fine wines and alluring platters of cheese and exotic spiced nuts. You quickly claim the two empty barstools and text your partner to meet you at the cosy café-turn-bar so you can spontaneously revel in such a fine Friday evening.

Its 8.30am and Saturday morning is already a delight. You’ve just finished a hard yoga session at your favourite studio on Lonsdale St, and can almost smell the croissants baking at Baked – the French bakery on Mort Street. Fantasies of a decadent croissant breakfast didn’t take long to convince you… gratified with your pastry purchase, you pile the croissants into your bike basket and contently cycle back home along Northbourne.

It’s that time of year when the city is alive with back-to-back markets and festivals and it just so happens to be the Multicultural Festival this weekend. Your good friend is in an Irish dancing performance at 11.00am, so you and your partner decide to cycle down to Garema place (no need to pay for parking!) to watch her performance then share some bao, potato stick, dumplings and maybe some poffertjes.

On the way home you make a stop at Officeworks on Mort Street. There are heaps of photos from your recent holiday you’d like to get printed and put in frames to decorate the apartment!

You call into the local Ainslie shops just up Wakefield Avenue off Northbourne. The cellar there has your favourite local wines and you need to get a nice drop to take to your friend’s house the following week for a dinner. On the way home you drop into your community garden plot at an old Church in Ainslie. Your tomatoes are doing great! Thanks to your garden-plot-neighbour who watered them for you the day before when it was sweltering hot…You pick a few but eat them before you even leave.

You’ve been looking forward to Saturday night because you’re catching up with some old school friends that are in town! You decide to take them to Bar Rochford, a wine bar with all the charm of a parlour but with an edgy attitude, and you want to show off Canberra because it had recently taken out Gourmet Traveller’s Bar of the Year award. You’re greeted like a regular and are taken to your favourite spot by the arched window to watch the sunset over the city.

Sunday morning is a slow start. Once you’re up and moving, you and your partner head to Dickson to do your grocery shopping for the week. There are some great little Asian supermarkets there where you know you can get your go-to curry paste for an easy and speedy mid-week dinner. You haven’t even made it to the shops and you hear your name called out as you walk past the bustling café, Highroad. Some friends are there having coffee and spotted you – how Canberra! So you sit down and join them and continue your groceries afterwards.

In the afternoon you’re eager to call past Lonsdale Street traders – there are some little boutique gift shops there and you need to find a present for your friend who’s just had a little bub! With that task ticked off your list, you poke your head into Fruggi to check out the ice cream flavours that day. How can you go past guava sorbet? With sorbet in hand, you also call past Naked Foods to get some spiced nuts to snack on for the week, as well as a couple of chocolate-coated almonds… you like to live a balanced life.

With all of your tasks done, you and your partner round off the weekend at Old Canberra Inn, listening to the melodic tunes of live acoustic ready for the week ahead.