September 14th, 2017

Meet the architects behind On Forbes

Stewart Architecture is part of the team behind On Forbes, which is delivering greater diversity in housing choices and vibrancy close to Canberra’s city centre.

As Canberra evolves, shoes will become the “best and cheapest infrastructure investment” says Stewart Architecture’s founding director Colin Stewart.

But wearing out the shoe leather won’t be an arduous task. In fact, a more walkable city will be better for our health, and for the health of the planet.

“Canberra’s urban dwellers are living more sustainable and healthy lifestyles, and are potentially more connected to everything. And that’s an enviable place to be,” Colin says.

Colin and his team are known for their innovative approach to urban design. Now nearing its fourth decade in practice, Stewart Architecture has worked on projects from the masterplan for Kingston Foreshore development and Kingston arts precinct to The Realm precinct, and from the Canberra City cultural precinct to Green Square library in Sydney.

“On Forbes is also On Light Rail,” Colin explains. This means residents will be “better connected to the city centre, and to the entertainment cultural and arts activities that are on offer in the city.”

Colin says part of On Forbes’ appeal is its proximity to all of Canberra’s universities.

“We should think of Canberra as a ‘university town’ and of the enormous opportunities this offers us all. We are blessed with a wealth of educational institutions in the national capital, and as the Australian National University and the University of Canberra continue to expand we are extremely fortunate to have access to these learning spaces on our doorstep.”

The transformation of Canberra’s gateway from “an avenue to a boulevard with light rail” will take time, “but we need to keep in our minds the great boulevards of the world as we move in that direction”.

It’s an exciting time for Canberra, Colin adds.

“Urban transformations are taking place in just about every city as we try to become less car dependent and lead more sustainable lifestyles. On Forbes is part of this new move towards city living and this includes opening up new gateways to the parklands network and easy access to the ANU and the lake.”

Sounds like a city on the move. And it’s a story that Art Group is proud to be part of.