October 6th, 2017

How the right designers and clever landscaping can enhance liveability

How does Canberra maintain its links to the Garden City as it grows? This is a question pondered by landscape architect David Moyle.

David is overseeing the landscaping at two Art Group developments: On Forbes in Turner and Soho at Dickson.

He says there is a deep interconnection between ‘Garden City’ suburbs like Turner and Dickson, and the new active transport-oriented development taking shape along the Northbourne Avenue corridor.

“Clever landscaping can support Canberra’s unique Garden City aesthetic – from the streetscape planning and urban tree canopy to green social spaces and natural systems,” he says.

David says few people consider the importance of landscaping, but “it is the way most people connect with their natural environment on a daily basis”.

“Landscaping creates character in new places. It complements and offsets the scale and mass of built architectural forms, and ensures utilitarian elements, like driveways, feel well-considered and part of the overall development.

“Landscaping also creates attractive environments that encourage physical activity, active travel and social interaction,” he adds.

Moyle says On Forbes’ landscaping offers a number of points of difference. “The tranquil central ground floor garden space is the social heart of the residential community,” he says. “And the gymnasium pavilion is made intimate and meditative by the surrounding bamboo grove.”

Over at Soho, David promises an “eclectic and textured” design that will celebrate the site’s heritage and “create personality and surprise”. Expect natural materials, clever illumination, framed arbors and intriguing artworks.

“The vision established for Soho is for a place and a community that is vibrant, full of life and captures the best attributes of inner-city living in the nation’s Bush Capital. Landscaping helps us transform a place from a set of buildings into a living, breathing precinct.”