On Forbes

Now complete, On Forbes is one of the first developments to be activated along the buzzing Northbourne Corridor.

We dare to be different
by challenging design
paradigms to evoke emotion,
innovate to push boundaries &
create sustainable communities
for future generations.

2020 Art Group Canberra Glassworks Creative Fellows announced

Art Group is pleased to announce the appointment of two glass artists, accepted into the Canberra Glassworks fellowship program for 2020. Brenden Scott French (SA) and…

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Post-election confidence: buyers seek quality and take advantage of market conditions

Every business feels the effect of a looming Federal Election as Australian’s take check of how potential changes could impact their future financial position. But…

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How to transform a city

From purchasing the On Forbes site on Northbourne Avenue in Turner in 2017, Art Group had the vision to play an important role in the…

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Art Group

Art Group is a family-owned, Canberra based property development company renowned for building unique, quality homes of distinction and character.
Art Group
Art Group13 hours ago
Located on the capitals gateway boulevard - Northbourne Avenue, visit our Art Lifestyle Gallery to learn more about how you can call Mulberry home!
Art Group
Art Group2 days ago
With a 2.2% growth in population, as well as consistently having had recorded growth in medium property prices – bucking the national trend to show a recent 2.0% increase; Canberra is an attractive market for investors.

Click here >> https://bit.ly/2RZ2nFK for more information on why you should look to invest in the Nation's Capital.
Art Group
Art Group4 days ago
Canberra is fortunate to have a community of artists that are based here.

Our galleries and museums are filled with impressive artistry. Art provides interest and colour to our city centres, draws in tourists and stimulates our perceptions of reality with various exhibitions and shows.

Canberra Glassworks specifically has helped our capital forge a name for itself in the international glassworks realm.

However, the studios require resources in materials, time and facilities, which is why Art Group has implemented a fellowship that sponsors an artist with liberal parameters, unlimited access to equipment, a studio and a generous stipend for materials.

The ‘Art Group Fellowship’ at Canberra Glassworks directly supports artists by allowing them to explore and evolve their work with full access to world-class facilities.


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