New release! Calypso highlights exceptional design – where both simple conveniences and luxuries come together in one complete location.

We dare to be different
by challenging design
paradigms to evoke emotion,
innovate to push boundaries &
create sustainable communities
for future generations.

Architectural designs for the future

 Redefining Canberra’s Landscape   When it comes to cutting-edge, modern architectural design, Kashmir is leading the way in innovation and elegance. Its unique structure is striking…

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Higher Ground / October 2020

October 2020 – Level Three Mulberry is reaching higher ground as the third level now pours. The basement, ground and first levels are near completion….

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At home with Danielle Leahy

After welcoming brand new residents to our latest residential development On Forbes, we met with Danielle Leahy, now an established resident who happily calls the…

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Art Group

Art Group is a family-owned, Canberra based property development company renowned for building unique, quality homes of distinction and character.
Art Group
Art Group3 weeks ago
Distinctive, luxurious, light-filled, and modern. Register your interest via the link
Art Group
Art Group4 weeks ago
A vibrant, connected, and elevated oasis to be yours soon…Register your interest via the link
Art Group
Art Group4 weeks ago
Designed for an eclectic city that burst with ambition. Register your interest via the link


Art Group

PO Box 17 Mitchell, ACT 2911
1800 690 690