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A focus on quality

Since 2003, Art Group have been crafting outstanding homes for Canberrans. We are passionate about making a positive contribution through building unique, quality homes of distinction and character for the nation’s capital.

“Through our mantra ‘focus on innovative ideas’, we push the boundaries of design to create functional and sophisticated developments. We want to make sure that our customers receive the high-quality property they are entrusting us to deliver – be it their next home or investment,” Art Group Development Manager, Gabe Szivek said.

A developer possessing a buyer-focussed mentality and unrivalled attention to detail are fundamental traits of building a quality residential project. What sets us apart is our pride in the end result for the most important aspect of each project…our customers.

“Whether it’s the height of a ceiling or the final finish on the kitchen benchtop – every detail plays a vital role in contributing to the overall home. We put ourselves in the customer’s shoes during the entire project lifecycle. We obsess over every detail to ensure the property not only meets but exceeds the customer’s expectations,” Gabe said.

“Whether we’re choosing an architect, landscape architect, planner, interior designer or builder – we make the decision about who will be part of the team, based on whether they share our vision and values. Over almost two decades, we have compiled a trusted team of local professionals to ensure every project is delivered to our uncompromising expectations,” said Gabe.

“It’s more than just taking pride in our work, it’s about genuinely caring about the customer experience and exceeding expectations by creating spaces that enrich lives,” Gabe said.

“We have developed a rigorous quality assurance program that commences prior to construction to ensure our projects are built to the highest standard,” said Gabe.

At Art Group, we pride ourselves on meticulous attention to detail and the creation of exceptional award-winning projects befitting the highest demands of our valued customers. This is evident at On Forbes in Turner with a spacious 3-bedroom display apartment now available for viewing. It showcases the quality of the final product we’re delivering to our customers, ready to move into mid-2019.


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