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A New Year’s Resolution to fulfil

The New Year is almost upon us so it’s time to start thinking about your annual New Year’s resolution list. Whether your goal is to find a new place to call home or to get serious about investing for the future – make your New Year’s resolution to get into the property market in 2019 one resolution that you’ll stick to.

When purchasing property, you can expect a number of associated benefits – financial and functional. The property will increase in value over the long term, rental income is generated from tenants, equity builds over time and there are also tax deduction benefits.

In contrast to renting, purchasing property comes with no risk to be displaced by your landlord. Owning your own property will allow you to live in your own home on your own terms.

Art Group Development Manager, Gabe Szivek said, “When it’s your own place you will be in control, allowing you to create a pet-friendly home – often a restriction imposed by landlords. You won’t need to think about moving once your lease is up or if the landlord decides to sell their property. You will also have the freedom to renovate and decorate the home to your liking, allowing you to hang up your favourite artwork or get started on a herb garden in your courtyard.”

“On top of that, with a mortgage repayment comparable to and often lower than your weekly rent, you’ll feel even better paying off your own asset rather than someone else’s.”

Whether it is mowing the lawn, washing the gutters or blowing the leaves off your driveway – these are all laborious maintenance chores that come with the purchase of a house.

“Apartment living is low-maintenance as the body corporate covers the garden upkeep, allowing you to spend more time out and about doing the activities you enjoy. Apartments are also more cost-effective than houses to live in, reducing your utility bills,” said Gabe.

Once you’ve set your New Year’s resolution to purchase property, it is time to identify the perfect location. Canberra’s population is quickly growing with a 25% growth rate translating to around 8700 residents a year. Within a decade there will be approximately 500,000 people calling the nation’s capital home.

“This population growth means now is a great time to purchase a property in Canberra. Current infrastructure projects including upgrading of roads, increase in international flights and the newly constructed light rail will contribute to the increase in value of nearby properties as well as the desirability of living in the inner north.”

“We understand the importance of finding the perfect home to live or invest. We place ourselves in the shoes of the future homeowners to deliver quality and innovative homes that will create sustainable communities for future generations,” said Gabe.

Whether you are looking to buy your first home or next investment – purchasing property provides many benefits. Let us help you achieve your New Year’s resolution in 2019, simply get in touch by calling 1800 690 690 or email sales@artgroup.com.au.


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