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An efficient way of living

Art Group push the boundaries to bring quality and innovative strategies to apartment living.

Art Group Development manager, Gabe Szivek said, “We have considered life from the resident’s perspective to improve and add more convenience to daily lives.”

“We have included Embedded Networks within our developments On Forbes and Mulberry to supply a host of services including power, gas, hot water and internet at a lower rate,” said Gabe.

Embedded Networks supply an entire building with services connected through OC Energy and individually metered to each apartment. This allows for electricity to be supplied more efficiently and cost effectively as it’s purchased in bulk from the distributor and those infrastructure savings are passed to owners, retail services and residents.

“Instead of receiving multiple bills from several different service providers, we have taken the ease out of this process. At the same time, reducing the costs to around 10%-20% lower than standard retail rates,” said Gabe.

“Residents will be able to access bills and live data 24/7 through the password protected OC Energy Portal via smartphone, tablet or computer.”

“They will be able to track, monitor and set targets for their utilities usage to have all the information in real-time at their fingertips,” said Brett.

“Residents will also to free Wi-Fi in all common areas via the Embedded Networks so they’ll be able to surf the web and stream their favourite shows, staying connected wherever they are.”


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