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At home with Danielle Leahy

After welcoming brand new residents to our latest residential development On Forbes, we met with Danielle Leahy, now an established resident who happily calls the development – home.

For Danielle, life at On Forbes is not only new – but so too is apartment living. From growing up in a house in Sydney to spending the past six years on a 100-acre property in Tarago, she quickly and surprisingly adapted to her new city lifestyle.

With her daughter recently starting school in Canberra, Danielle decided to make the bold move into town and cut out their daily 160-kilometre commute.

Before making a home at On Forbes, Danielle never imagined buying off the plan. “I had no desire to buy into a development because it scared me, and I didn’t really know what I was doing or what I was looking for, so I ruled it out completely. And every time a development came up, I would think, ‘no, not looking at it’.” Danielle describes.

On Forbes Kitchen

With time, Danielle realised finding her perfect home in the right location, or that matched her budget and timeframe was not going to be possible.

And so, she looked to developments for a solution.

After doing her research and getting advice from friends well versed in residential development, On Forbes was one she kept coming back to.

From the first look at the display suite and meeting with our sales agent, Danielle was instantly impressed. “Josh from Art Group was really personable and made it really easy and didn’t put the hard sell on me and was just quite open, and I didn’t get that experience from the other two developments,” she says.

For Danielle, size, connectivity and space for family and friends to visit was incredibly important. Through her development research, she found On Forbes presented the largest floorplan for the price, the most convenient location and highest quality of features. Calling it a ‘no brainer’, Danielle received the contract the next day, signed it and was then ready to start her next chapter with her daughter.

Now conveniently living on Canberra’s Northbourne corridor, Danielle has found an abundance of time to enjoy new activities and make the most of her day. From spending time on the On Forbes’ rooftop terrace, enjoying the stunning views over Canberra and the comfort of her newfound home, Danielle has never been happier.

“Everyone that comes over is impressed, and that’s a nice feeling as well. They all say it is a really nice space, and it is nice that they sense that. Because when it’s your place, you want it to feel like that, but you don’t expect other people to get that same sense. I would not like to be anywhere else.”

At Home With Series for Art Group

We all now find ourselves in a unique time, where a home has never been more important. Home is where new chapters begin, where we hope to seek safety and comfort, and even now where memories are made, and life unfolds. Unique to everyone, home is what makes you, you.

Follow our ‘At home with…’ series to hear more stories of Canberrans making their home, theirs.

On Forbes has welcomed home new residents and quickly filled the 200 apartments with a high percentage of owner-occupiers, the development brings new life to the Northbourne corridor.


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