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Discovering how to choose the best developer for your new property

Looking for the best developers in Canberra? Identifying good developers with a sterling record of delivering quality, sustainable, community-oriented projects is key. This article outlines the traits that set industry leaders apart and guides you to make an informed, confident choice in Canberra’s property development landscape.


Key Takeaways

  • Choosing the right property developer involves evaluating their expertise, reputation, and commitment to quality and transparency, particularly in Canberra where organisations like the Property Council of Australia and Master Builders ACT endorse credible developers.
  • A great developer possesses distinct qualities such as decisiveness, proactivity, innovative design principles, and a forward-thinking approach that anticipates issues and focuses on creating sustainable, high-quality housing and vibrant communities.
  • Art Group in Canberra is an example of a leading developer with over two decades of experience, known for award-winning designs and a commitment to sustainability, making them a reliable choice for property investment and development in the region.


What makes a great developer?

A great developer possess fundamental development skills such as:


Making firm decisions and avoiding paralysis by analysis


Constantly pushing projects forward rather than waiting for events to unfold

Creating a sense of belonging

Recognising the importance of creating not just living spaces, but places where people feel a sense of belonging and can find their like-minded circumstances

Transparency and Communication

Maintaining open communication, keeping stakeholders informed about progress and any challenges that arise

Track Record and Reputation

Having a proven track record with successful projects and positive feedback from past clients

Quality and Innovation

A commitment to quality construction and innovative designs that are both beautiful and functional

Sustainability and Environmental Consciousness

Prioritising sustainability and integrating eco-friendly practices into their building projects

The adoption of innovative design principles is another hallmark of a quality builder in the residential building industry, such as passive environmental design, to ensure both aesthetic appeal and functional sustainability in multi-unit developments. Innovative design features that are budget conscious, help maximise ability for customisation and owner satisfaction. In fact, the best builders are known for their commitment to these principles.

A successful developer is a forward thinker, anticipating potential issues and staying ahead in the development process. Problem-solving abilities are crucial as not everything in property development goes according to plan. Organisational and managerial skills are vital for a developer as property development is about managing people and processes.

Above all, a great developer is a visionary. They seek to create projects that are not just commercially sound, but also deliver the dream home experience through:

  • High-quality, sustainable housing
  • Active, happy communities
  • Community-focused developments
  • Inspire meaningful connections among residents


What is the difference between a builder and a developer?

It’s important to understand the distinction between a builder and a developer. While the two roles are interconnected and vital to the construction process, they each have distinct responsibilities and focus areas.

Developers handle various aspects of a building project across residential and commercial projects:

  • Project funding
  • Preparing plans for blocks, the estate, and the streets
  • Organising permits
  • Handling the marketing of the entire development
  • Outsourcing and management of construction work to high-quality and reputable builders.

In contrast, builders manage the actual construction of the property, working on behalf of apartment owners and under the developer’s guidance. They focus on the physical construction of buildings, bringing architectural plans to life by overseeing on-site work and managing labour and materials within the construction industry. As members of the Master Builders Association, builders often subcontract specialised trades such as electricians, plumbers, and carpenters to complete specific tasks within the construction process.

Whereas builders concentrate on the technical aspects of building construction, developers oversee the project from start to finish., including the potential return on investment. Developers can influence the value of properties through strategic planning and development, changing the use of the land to maximise profitability and meet market demand.


We dare to be different
by challenging design
paradigms to evoke emotion,
innovate to push boundaries &
create sustainable communities
for future generations.

How do I find the right property developer?

Identifying the right property developer for residential developments requires a methodical approach that encompasses thorough research and due diligence. Begin by exploring online reviews and visiting completed projects to assess the quality firsthand. Seek recommendations from real estate professionals and previous buyers to gather varied perspectives on the developer’s reliability and the living experience in their projects.

Attend property expos and open houses to engage with developers directly. This allows you to gain insights into their projects, ethos, and customer service approach. Understanding how they interact with potential customers can give you a glimpse into your future working relationship.

Review the legal and financial aspects of signing a contract with a developer. Ensure they have proper licences and insurance, and assess their financial stability to complete the project on-time and within budget. It’s crucial to confirm that they are capable of seeing a project through to completion without financial hiccups.

Research the local infrastructure and amenities such as public transport, schools, and shops, as these factors influence the desirability of properties for buyers or renters.

Subsequently, carry out a comprehensive research on the property developer, including checking their history and how long they have been in the market, as longevity can be an indicator of reliability and trustworthiness. Personally meet with several real estate developers to understand their objectives and to verify if their promises match their actions.


Lastly, scrutinise the quality of the developer’s construction, including specifications and amenities; poor quality materials indicate a weak property and future potential issues. Engage with neighbours or other individuals who have invested in the property to gather insights about any issues they have faced and to verify the developer’s promises.


Art Group: Your Best Developer in Canberra

Art Group stands out among developers in Canberra. With a history of over two decades in designing, crafting, and creating homes in Canberra, Art Group is known for its exceptional design and high-quality projects. They have won awards such as the HIA Apartment Complex of the Year & HIA Outdoor Project of the Year for ACT/Southern NSW in 2022, cementing their place as a leading developer in the region.

Art Group has developed properties such as OnForbes, Mulberry, and Kashmir, blending simple conveniences with luxuries, heralding a new era of modern living in Canberra. These projects showcase their commitment to creating unique and inspiring living spaces that resonate with the needs and aspirations of the Canberra community.

Beyond their design and commitment to build quality, Art Group emphasises sustainability. This guiding principle is reflected in their commitment to creating sustainable communities for future generations, making them an excellent choice for those looking to invest in a new off-the-plan property in Canberra.


In summary, the importance of selecting the right property developer cannot be overstated. This choice can significantly impact the success of your investment and the quality of the final product. By considering the developer’s reputation, transparency, and post-build care, you can ensure a wise investment. Developers like Art Group, who are committed to quality craftsmanship and sustainable community development, can provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing your investment is in good hands. 

Contact Art Group today to find out how you can invest in your future with confidence. Let us guide you through the process, ensuring that every step reflects our commitment to quality craftsmanship and unparalleled post-build care.

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