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Calypso on track for mid-2025

Calypso is well underway with construction progressing steadily since early-2024.

January saw the preparation of basement works continue with dewatering and excavation continued putting us in a good position for starting structural slabs.

Work progressed on all building footings and lift cores throughout February and March, getting us ready to pour the Lower basement slab. Conditions have been optimal for structural formwork.

The ‘Tower Crane’ was successfully installed and brought online mid-March, expediting the progress made so far and putting us in a good position heading into the second quarter of 2024.

Seeing the Tower Crane operational above the city skyline is a key milestone in the construction process, however, weather conditions will continue to play a role in our progress for the next six months until concrete is poured on all floors, across all three buildings.

Gabe Szivek — Development Director

Calypso is designed to meet your needs with shared and integrated spaces for hybrid working and communal areas to enjoy. Building on the diversity of the existing precinct, Calypso is unique and eye catching. Beautifully crafted with carefully considered inclusions, finishes and materials, built to last.

Get in touch with Rita to find out how to secure your future at Calypso for just $1,000.


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