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Darren Palmer Q+A | There’s something for everyone at Calypso

Darren Palmer is one of Australia’s most prominent interior designers. His expertise and keen eye for detail has brought an element of luxury, and functionality to Calypso.

‘Calypso creates a relaxed and refined feeling across the foyers, common areas, and inside each and every apartment. From the curves to the materials and finishes, the furniture and inclusions, Calypso is contemporary apartment living at its best.’ – Darren Palmer

What makes Calypso a unique place to live?

As part of the SOHO precinct, there are so many lifestyle opportunities for Calypso but what makes it unique is we have strived to create a relaxed and refined feeling across the foyers, common areas and apartment interiors. From the curves to the materials and finishes, the furniture and inclusions, Calypso is contemporary apartment living at its best.

What inspired your interior design for this building?  

There is something easy and relaxed about the name Calypso. The building features certain architectural cues that are reminiscent of a resort experience, Calypso has been designed to take you to a destination, when you’re simply returning home.


What makes Calypso’s colour palettes so unique?   

Each interior scheme has its own appeal to a different type of homeowner, whether your choice is light and bright from whites and oak, or grey on grey with a mid-toned appeal, or something a little sultrier with a dark and green palette. All apartments have oak boarded floors but they each have their own personality to suit any interior taste.

What are some of the key design features that make a comfortable and peaceful, yet vibrant apartment?

Efficient use of space and storage opportunities allow for the most free living space which is a true luxury when it comes to any home. Tactility and layering of materials in a cohesive and well-considered scheme also provide a sense of luxury.

‘There are different metallic finishes depending on each colour scheme as brass has a different feeling to black or stainless steel. The bathrooms and kitchens have a unique flavour depending on the colour scheme that appeals to you most.’

What are clients looking for most when it comes to interior design, and how do you cater for a variety?

Anyone living in any environment desires to see their own taste and needs reflected to them in a considered, resolved and sometimes surprising way. Often the challenge that people face when creating their homes is finding a solution that surpasses what they were expecting, but with great design, this is exactly what is achieved.

Variety comes with the fact that each person is an individual and therefore, each brief is not going to have the same input or outcome, but with Calypso, we have provided three different colour and material palettes for apartments, giving an attractive base to suit any taste so they can create their ideal home.

‘The floorplans, layouts, storage planning and special availability are one thing, but it’s the colour and material combinations alongside the furniture packages, and common area and foyer designs that make you feel like you’re having a resort style experience as soon as you arrive at Calypso.’

What aspects of the environment were important to you when considering the interiors at Calypso?

The environment is always important. Outlooks, light, access to tree lined streets and beautiful exterior architecture are all design references for the interiors at Calypso. The name of each building within the SOHO precinct does inform a particular feeling which in turn creates an ideal style to suit, so whilst SOHO is a cohesive precinct, each building has its own personality, Calypso included.



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