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Delivering projects that make us proud

Leading Canberra developers Art Group and builders Chase are the foundation for success at On Forbes in Turner, which is due for completion in early 2019. When planning On Forbes, it was always the intention to keep the vision and team for the project Canberra-based.

Brett Smith, Art Group Project Director said, “Art Group and Chase have combined our well-deserved reputations for unrivalled expertise and intimate knowledge of the ACT. It’s why choosing local will always have the best results for the homebuyer.”

Art Group are known for encapsulating the expression of art through built form – On Forbes is the canvas chosen to execute the latest masterpiece.

“These homes were created to express the experience and passion that Art Group deliver on all projects,” Mr Smith continued.

The decision to select Chase Construction to execute the build at On Forbes was supported by their award-winning reputation for residential construction. Chase have been providing design and construction services to ACT and beyond for 15 years and excel in the delivery of exceptional craftsmanship on every project.

Chase recently completed the C5 Apartments in Campbell and understand the importance of client satisfaction and word of mouth – their reputation is based upon the quality of their completed work.

“We feel confident that our buyers at On Forbes can visit projects such as C5, Manhattan on the Park and other award-winning developments by Chase and know that their new home will be constructed to an exceptional standard. This is important research when making a decision to purchase a home or investment,” continued Mr Smith.

Art Group and Chase working together is a drawcard – the team understand the Canberra lifestyle and precisely what is desired from purchasers. Both have an intimate knowledge of the market, sourcing quality building supplies and how the climate impacts construction, particularly when it comes to multi-level developments.

“This is our city too and we design and construct projects that we are proud to drive past every day,” concluded Mr Smith.

On Forbes is located on Northbourne Avenue in Turner and is nearing completion. For further information, contact our sales team on 1800 690 690 or email sales@artgroup.com.au.


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