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Modern architecture promising connected living

Striking a balance between outstanding design, sophistication and functionality, Calypso offers residents a gateway to connected living through its exceptional architecture. Built on the diversity and vibrancy of the SOHO precinct by weaving a series of finer grain buildings and landscapes into the site that are closely connected and integrated with the surrounding neighbourhood, Calypso is pushing the boundary with its architectural setting.

Calypso’s buildings are dynamic, unique and eye catching, and stirs to offer an exquisite residential lifestyle. With three distinctive facades, each building is beautifully crafted with carefully considered materials, welcoming residents to a new chapter in intrinsic living.

We spoke candidly with Tynan Freeman from Stewart Architecture to learn more about the architectural fundamentals behind Calypso.

What did you find unique about the Calypso site?

Calypso is located at the northern end of the SOHO precinct and its north-facing positioning makes it the first choice for residents. It occupies a unique position along the Northbourne Avenue and is very well connected into the fabric of the city.

Nomadic pathways and communal gardens make it easy to explore and enjoy the surrounding precinct. The light rail stop is right in front of the site making it easier to take a short trip down to the city. The oak-lined pedestrian footpaths link to the rear, connecting through to the streets of Dickson. Calypso offers a well-connected environment so you will never be far off. Simple conveniences and luxuries are at hand at Calypso, making it unique and even more desirable.

What are some of the notable architectural qualities of Calypso?

Calypso is redefining architecture with its modern structure and inspiration. It recognises the significance of the Northbourne Avenue corridor whilst providing a varied and dynamic articulation that is applied holistically across the site.

Calypso’s architecture promises connected living with every opportunity. The finer grain siting of Calypso, or in simple terms, having three buildings instead of one large building, allows access to more destinations within short distances and encourages more people to engage and build a sense of community belonging. Each of the three building facades of Calypso have distinct characters that are underpinned by a consistency of patterns and elements. The buildings have a formal sizing and beautiful rhythm as they move along the corridor.

The balconies and facades of each building maintain a consistent horizontal expression, reflecting the horizontal nature of the corridor which is aesthetically pleasing along the streets of Northbourne Avenue. The lushly planted ‘living façades’ accentuate the beauty of each building providing variation in colour, texture, and patterning, distinctively differentiating the three buildings.

The variety of material palette speak to each other, interacts with the nature in a special and seamless manner and the textures blend in with the surrounding heritage. Calypso’s architecture is brimming with incredible features that support the modern and authentic lifestyle of Canberra’s residents.

“Calypso’s material palette is underpinned by a bold and textural patterning of brick and off-form concrete that tie appropriately into its Canberran context.”

And how about the inside?

Calypso’s internal experience undoubtedly fulfills the desire of residents to connect with their surroundings and bring a sense of calm to their homes. The apartments boast high ceilings, and the living rooms are located to the façade of the building which ensures overflowing natural light and airy living conditions. Each common corridor is centred around a beautifully designed open staircase that provides access to the rooftop, elevates natural light, and promotes healthier living community.

At every opportunity, we ensure that residents make the most of Canberra’s breathtaking scenic views towards key surrounding location, including Black Mountain, and Mount Ainslie. Calypso is a lively celebration of liveability and refreshing accessibility. Blurring the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, and with excellent resident amenities, Calypso prides as one of the most sought-after residential buildings in Canberra.

“At every opportunity, Calypso provides a connection to the outdoors.”

Inspiration behind the three distinctive facades of each building…

Calypso combines distinct architectural build. The three distinctive buildings not only provide a dynamic experience from the street that visually activates the Avenue corridor, but they also offer a range of flexible and functional living styles to choose from. The inspiration behind the architecture of Calypso was to offer an indoor-outdoor connection to residents.

Calypso buildings are thoughtfully designed to bring in nature and greenery into every apartment with unconventional practises including garden balconies with extended built in planter boxes, folding screens that enable the control of privacy and light, and deep furniture-like railings that extend living spaces outside.

Calypso’s architecture has created a compelling and contemporary environment encouraging residents to foster wellbeing, community and feel a strong sense of place.


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